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Our software works hard to enable real engagement. iVirtual’s Avatar and Virtual Human technology takes digital sports marketing and fan amplification to the next level while empowering individuals (end-users and fans) with the ability to control, promote and protect their digital identities and assets.

“The digital human avatar market size (US$10B IN 2020) is projected to be worth US$527.6B in 2030 (CAGR of 46.4%)”

– Emergen Research

iVirtual’s lightning-fast 3D avatar creation app allows users to instantly create photo-realistic avatars on a mobile device from just one selfie. This ground-breaking B2B product is embedded with iVirtual’s proprietary consent and ID tech to ensure privacy and data security, also offering NFT integration capabilities. Like everything we do at iVirtual, Heymoji is Next Web (i.e. Metaverse, Web3) compatible.

MetaBrowser is an AI-powered search engine that is specifically designed for web3 and metaverse technologies. The platform provides personalized and accurate search results, customized search filters and community-driven content curation, all while prioritizing transparency and control over user data and privacy.

Our AI will become your metaverse assistant, guiding new users and veterans alike in the constantly evolving metaverse. From the latest events and most popular worlds to finding the perfect virtual property tailored to the experience you want, our AI assistant will make it easy to navigate at the frontier of the new virtual world.

Big Trust Theory’s flagship product, YouOwnYouTM, is a best-in-class solution for businesses to ensure legal and ethical data collection from website users. This first-of-its-kind solution is fully customizable to any brand/website design and builds trust with every interaction through meaningful consent. The result is access to better quality consumer data and compliance with privacy laws.

This unique software is in-market for any organization looking to eliminate cookie banners while ensuring privacy law compliance and building brand-consumer trust. This proprietary software also underpins iVirtual’s avatar tech (Heymoji) for the ultimate in privacy and security.


At iVirtual we believe in data powered by choice and consent. That’s why our 3D avatar tech is backed by proprietary privacy and consent software for security and peace of mind. In an ever-evolving world, fans choose how the data generated by their virtual humans is used, establishing the conditions for stronger brand-consumer trust.

Because privacy matters – here, now, and in what’s coming next.

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