For teams who

love their fans

and fans who

love their teams.

Fanmore connects fans with teams & teams with fan insights to capture the 90% of fans that currently go unseen

An Entirely Personalizable Fan Rewards Platform

Fans feel invisible to sports teams. And sports teams can’t–and currently don’t–have the means to recognize and reach the majority of their fans. Sure, they count the fans who show up on game days, but that’s missing out on the 90% of fans who cheer from afar, with only about 10% of a given team’s fans attending a game. Ticket prices are often inaccessible and in an increasingly global world, many fans live far from their favorite team’s home venue (think of all the Man U fans who have never set foot in England!)

The sad reality is that, by only counting fans who attend in person, the majority of fans are left unseen on the sidelines. And teams miss out on the chance to connect with those fans, foster additional loyalty, gain fan insights and create more relevant revenue streams. Meanwhile, team sponsors are often frustrated because they lack the information, data and results to determine the success of their sponsorship investment.

FanMore solves for all of this with an entirely personalizable fan rewards platform. FanMore seamlessly integrates into a team’s existing website/app, where fans are already flocking and engaging. It’s easy to get fans connected with FanMore, which means that it’s easy for teams to start connecting with fans and fan insights. It brings fans back into the fold and extends the game experience beyond the arena through exclusive content, offers and interactive elements. FanMore rewards fans, gathers 1st party data for teams and sponsors to meaningfully connect and engage with fans and manages the backend so that teams and sponsors can focus on rewarding fans and generating new revenue streams.

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