Let’s get real about privacy

Ever wondered who controls your data? Most of us have no idea what happens to it every time we interact in the digital world. This lack of transparency is a serious problem for our digital identities. The good news is, iVirtual is doing something about it.

You Own You

We’re making digital identity work for everyone.

Consumers and corporations. Citizens and governments. We bring everyone together through software that gives choice back to people. Because when people get to run their digital and virtual selves on their terms, we all benefit from better, fairer interactions across the board.

The ID management solution with dual B2B and B2C benefits. Users generate their own Terms & Conditions, which organizations can instantly respond to, learn from, and build upon while ensuring compliance with privacy law through the Trust Center.

The world’s first messaging app to enable photorealistic, 3D avatar creation for everyone. Navigating virtual worlds as themselves lets people and organizations unite and engage in real time, on their terms.

Scientists. Tech futurists. Human rights advocates

We believe in data powered by choice. United against the mistrust and misuse of personal data, at iVirtual we’re building a better way to shape our virtual selves in an ever-evolving world. Because privacy matters – here, now, and in what’s coming next.


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