Virtual Humans & Avatars

At iVirtual, we are investing in Avatar and Virtual Human technology to empower individuals with the ability to control, promote and protect their digital identity.

The world is changing quickly. Technology that seemed like science fiction only a few years ago is now available in the palm of your hand. Being amazed by jaw-dropping innovations now seems almost routine.

Among the most amazing changes to our digital life are the advent of Virtual Humans and Avatars. The ability to easily and accurately create a virtual human has the potential to change the way we shop, play games, communicate, work, socialize and manage our health.

At iVirtual, we believe in the importance of shaping Virtual Human technology to support human priorities and to reflect human values. Together, let’s unlock the infinite potential to improve real life through virtual technology.

The Metaverse will have its own economy and identity system.

Jonathan Lai, Partner Andreessen Horowitz

Identity in the Metaverse

iVirtual is building a new identity management system for the Metaverse. Using iVirtual’s Big Trust Theory technology, individuals will be able to move from one digital environment to another as their Avatars, while securing their privacy and data.

Google, Facebook, Epic Games (maker of Fortnight) and Roblox (whose stock went public last spring at a $38 billion valuation) are among the tech giants that are building the Metaverse, a digital immersive 3D space where people interact as avatars and virtual humans.

Tech CEOs and investors refer to the Metaverse as “the next internet” because it’s a VR/AR experience that allows users to enter into the internet (rather than looking at a screen) and it opens up pathways to virtually go anywhere anytime you want using a virtual identity.

In this neverending digital world, users wouldn’t be limited to a specific device. They will become their avatars, walking through cyberspace similar to how people maneuver in the physical world and then flying or transposing themselves into new realms instantly while interacting with other people and organizations all around the world.

This exciting transformative digital platform has the potential to change the global economy and, not surprisingly, it is mobilizing billions of dollars of new investment.

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