The future of avatar marketing tech is here now

iVirtual is taking digital brand engagement to the next level with a direct-to-fan sports marketing platform called HeymojiSports that harnesses instant 3D virtual human creation technology for the ultimate fan & brand experience. Built with interoperability as a guiding principle, our tech stack is underpinned by proprietary consent and privacy software and is Next Web ready (Web3, XR, Metaverse compatible).

You Own You

First-of-it’s-kind, virtual fan monetization platform.

Highly relevant, direct-to-fan engagement that starts with democratized 3D virtual human creation. All fans can create true-to-life 3D avatars with just one selfie from any mobile device for use in app and across ecosystems.

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  • A new SAAS solution for sports teams that combines the stickiness of gaming technology with the sophistication of a web3 enabled loyalty platform.
  • Instant true-to-self 3D virtual human creation builds a fully customizable personal avatar, for use in app and across all social messaging ecosystems.
  • Enhanced Fan experiences will allow professional teams to share digital assets (NFTs) with their community and will allow Fans to share realistic avatars of themselves wearing the branded logos and uniforms of their favorite teams.
  • Gamified challenges, leaderboards, special rewards and referral codes activate Fans and drive increased engagement.
  • Open sponsor portal with real-time measurement feedback allows sponsors to build Fan offers and experiment with campaigns to reward Fans and increase offline IRL products/services.
  • User generated content drives Fan referral amplification & brand engagement.
  • Highly scalable platform with an immediately accessible low-cost community that delivers customer acquisition via the Fan base.

HeymojiSports is the company’s initial product. Unlike other avatar creation applications that focus on personal promotion and that are susceptible to privacy abuse, Heymoji Teams is focused on sports teams that have common priorities and a collective mission. With over 100 million people in North America participating in team sports, the company believes that avatars for teams is an underserved market that presents an ideal initial application for iVirtual’s Heymoji technology. In addition to amateur sports teams, the company will target professional sports teams with white label solutions for their digital engagement strategies.

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