iVirtual CIAM is a privacy and security platform designed to create trust and accountability between consumers and website owners of all sizes: from large corporations to small organizations.

At the heart of iVirtual’s solutions are a basic principle: by giving your customer the tools to set their terms and conditions for privacy and data management, you open up new opportunities for building trust and for eliminating friction (like cookies) that slows down digital engagement.

iVirtual CIAM is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based customer identity and access management solution that reads and interacts with YouOwnYou T&Cs, allowing website owners to manage authentication and authorization processes in real time while ensuring regulatory and compliance with data privacy regulation. A unique digital product, one of iVirtual CIAM’s key differentiators is that it responds to terms and conditions that are established by the consumer.


YoY is a consumer-facing application that allows a user to create a set of personalized terms and conditions. These terms and conditions underpin YoY personal identity management services. New YoY users join iVirtual through a web or mobile portal. The membership sign-up process is based on a 90-second questionnaire that results in the generation of customized legal terms and conditions (T&Cs). These T&Cs reflect the member’s views and values on matters such as privacy, data collection, conduct and compliance. The T&Cs are attached to the iVirtual member’s profile and are linked to their online identity.

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Creating virtual humans such as those seen in video games (realistic sports figures, for example) is very expensive and, until now, has been impractical for mass adoption. iVirtual has key investments in technologies designed to allow consumers to create a virtual representation of themselves as avatars or as computer graphic virtual humans. The company’s first application of this technology is called Heymoji, a messaging application that empowers users to create their realistic virtual human avatars with just one photograph from their smartphone.

Heymoji Teams is the company’s initial product. Unlike other avatar creation applications that focus on personal promotion and that are susceptible to privacy abuse, Heymoji Teams is focused on sports teams that have common priorities and a collective mission. With over 100 million people in North America participating in team sports, the company believes that avatars for teams is an underserved market that presents an ideal initial application for iVirtual’s Heymoji technology. In addition to amateur sports teams, the company will target professional sports teams with white label solutions for their digital engagement strategies.

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