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We believe that effective digital transformation starts with us: the people.

Every one of us deserves to choose how and where our data is used. Because if we all get a say in how our digital identities are formed, we can shape a better, fairer experience for everyone.


iVirtual is an identity & privacy tech company solving today’s complex ID management problems. Our products bring together individuals and organizations in partnerships founded on transparency and trust. Beyond compliance, this is about building better relationships. It’s time to stop drilling for data and start getting to know each other for real.


When people get a choice over their data and privacy, they get to be themselves. In shaping their digital selves, they get to shape their real and virtual selves, too. And by already building with the Metaverse and Web3 in mind, we’re making extended a reality.


Sherif Khair – CEO / Founder

Meet the Team

Sherif Khair

CEO / Founder

Sherif Khair is a seasoned operations executive with a proven track record in developing international organizations through all phases of growth from start-up through successful exit. He offers a diverse leadership background and extensive career that spans 30+ years, covering senior-level positions in a wide variety of geographic markets with a focus on technology, gaming, financial services, aviation and robotics. Before co-founding iVirtual, Sherif was CEO of Master Games International (MGI), a content and news publisher for the online gaming industry for such titles as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Dota, etc., where he played an instrumental role in navigating MGI’s sale to Activision/Blizzard in 2015. Sherif has an economics and marketing research degree including an environmental concentration from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and has completed post graduate work in marketing and e-commerce at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is fluent in English, French & German.

Chris Godsall


Chris Godsall is a seasoned organizational leader and recognized as one of Canada’s leading technology and social enterprise innovators. He contributes 30 years’ experience building and running category leading companies, managing the development of patented technologies and leading the commercialization of successful US, Canadian & international operations. Prior to iVirtual, Chris was the co-founder and CEO of Ziva Dynamics, a bio-simulation and virtual human software company whose customers include many of the world’s leading media companies. In the last 20 years, he has secured service, sales and concession contracts worldwide valued at over $1.5B. Chris’ work has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, The Globe and Mail, CNBC News, Popular Science and many other media across the globe, and he was recognized by Maclean’s Magazine’s as one of Canada’s 100 Leaders and Dreamers. He is a Zeller Family Foundation Scholarship winner, John Dobson Entrepreneurial Studies Award winner, an Ernest Manning Innovation Award nominee and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 2018 for his contributions to Canada.

Raj Kailasanathan


Raj Kailasanathan is a veteran finance professional with almost 25 years of progressive experience in corporate accounting, strategic planning and financial growth with an emphasis on technology and high growth companies in Asia and North America. Over the last 10 years, Raj has served in executive positions for several companies in the MedTech and FinTech sector, playing crucial management and strategic finance operational roles leveraging his unique insight and relationship management skills. Raj is committed and passionate about maximizing long-term shareholder value, entrepreneurism, innovation, growth initiatives, and maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency.

André Carmo

Ecosystem Guardian

André Carmo is an experienced Product Manager and Entrepreneur, having worked in various industries from gambling to data and machine learning at multiple levels. He was one of the first employees for where he was leading product and trading. He followed that up by founding his own company, Besides being a co-founder, he was the CEO, responsible for overseeing all funding, marketing, sales, and product strategy efforts. After, he became a Product Consultant working with multiple startups and VCs and became an angel investor and advisor for impact-driven startups such as Yayzy or Foodsteps. That path eventually led to him co-founding and becoming a partner of TEAL Impact. Before all of this, in his early 20s, André was a successful super high stakes poker player playing Macau’s cash games. André has a BA in Geological Engineering and a Masters in Management from NOVA SBE. At iVirtual he leads product development and ensures deep synergies are achieved across the iVirtual Ecosystem of Products.

Kevin Branigan

Head of Heymoji

Kevin Branigan is a seasoned software engineer and an expert on embedded systems, graphics displays, game and web development, and big data. He contributes almost 20 years of professional experience crafting custom prototype solutions involving many varied industries, including custom hardware (electronics/PCB/embedded) development, iOS native mobile app development, big data prototyping, 3D avatar reconstruction, data modeling, employee loyalty programs, debt collection and transportation planning. Kevin is a significant asset to the iVirtual team in particular through his specialized experience building similar technology involving 3D avatar creation from the ground up. His server-side engineering experience has been instrumental in Heymoji’s initial development.

Kristen Humphrey

Head of Corporate Communications

Kristen Humphrey is a seasoned communications professional with over 20 years’ experience in investor and corporate communications across an array of industries and geographic markets. She contributes a strong understanding of regulatory and disclosure requirements for publicly listed companies as well as established expertise in developing and executing comprehensive programs that ensure clear, consistent and integrated communications across a full breadth of channels. Prior to joining the iVirtual team, for over ten years Kristen operated her own consulting business where she provided strategic communications services to numerous organizations with a focus on technology, cleantech and financial services. This enabled her to follow her enthusiasm for working with disruptive tech and start-up companies while simultaneously continuing to build her track record with listed issuers. Kristen is committed to maintaining a high degree of integrity in communications and the development of long-term shareholder value.

Matt Foulk

Head of Marketing

Matt Foulk is a highly experienced strategic marketing leader. He contributes over 20 years’ global experience providing senior marketing and brand counsel to organizations including Shell, TD Bank, Molson Coors and SC Johnson in the UK, USA and Canada. Prior to iVirtual he held various executive positions at some of the world’s most prestigious advertising agencies, including Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and Sid Lee. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with French from the University of Bath, School of Management. Matt is passionate about driving communications effectiveness and maximizing long-term shareholder value, and sits on the Board of the Account Planning Group of Canada.

Igor Zoneschein

Corporate Secretary

Igor contributes 10 years of experience in the area of Corporate Governance, Compliance and corporate administrative and secretarial services to public companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in International Business Law and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate in Business Management at the University of Toronto.

Meghan Nameth

Strategy / Founder

Meghan Nameth is the co-founder of iVirtual and former co-CEO. A seasoned marketing, analytics and product management executive, she currently leads the retail marketing organization for Loblaw Companies Limited as the SVP of Marketing, touching Canada’s most beloved brands, loyalty program and trusted retail outlets. Prior to this role she was the CMO of Hudson’s Bay Companies. Meghan brings over 25 years of experience in marketing analytics, brand management, product innovation, digital marketing from her experience working with PWC, TD Bank, Mars Canada and Procter and Gamble.

Fernando Flores-Mangas

Chief Scientist Advisor

Fernando is a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto with over 17 years of experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, 3D Human Modelling and Motion Analysis, on both the academic and industry sides. He also brings 5 years of experience in leadership, fundraising and strategic planning. Fernando has led the R&D efforts of two different start-ups, turning difficult ideas into cutting-edge consumer-facing products, fostering inclusive environments that foresee, enable and promote exponential growth.

Carol Chong


Carol Chong is a seasoned marketing executive and business strategist with 25 years of experience in brand marketing, strategic planning, product innovation and consumer insights. She has worked across a broad range of industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Food Service, Hospitality, Financial Services and Technology. She is the co-founder of Thompson & Chong, a strategy consulting company that helps senior leadership teams navigate through complex business challenges in organizations such as TD Bank, Loblaw, Choice Hotels, Hudsons Bay, Royal Canin and Proximo Canada. She is the co-founder of Fly Academy, an online training company that offers creative thinking and strategic problem-solving courses to marketing professionals. As a Director at the marketing consulting agency Sklar Wilton & Associates for 16 years, Carol worked on Fortune 500 brands such as Mars, M&Ms, Four Seasons, Tim Hortons, Molson, Uncle Ben’s and McCain. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Rick King


Rick is a seasoned financial executive who has focused his 30 year career on helping companies grow strategically. Currently the CFO of The Morgan Investments Group, Rick is responsible for all aspects of its real estate, hospitality and industrial investments. Prior to this this Rick has been the CFO of Confederation Power Inc., CFO of Poscor Mill Services Corp., VP Finance of Magna International Inc., and an audit partner at both Deloitte & Touche LLP and Arthur Andersen LLP. While in public accounting, the majority of Rick’s involvement was in mergers and acquisition transactions and business growth. Rick has a keen attention to detail and has strong abilities in financial modelling and analysis.


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