About iVirtual

iVirtual.com is a fun and exciting and safe site and platform to engage users in dating interactions and scenarios, using proprietary technology from one of our licensors.

Studies show that online daters who can on virtual daters are more likely to go dates again, if the virtual date was fun and pleasant, and it's a faster way to find a more compatible partner or just someone to meet and date for real.

You create your 3D realistic persona through a choice of avatars, which are very easy to personalize the real you or your alter ego. Then you choose an exciting locale or venue to experience your virtual dating encounter and experience. The next step is to invite someone to go on a date with you at that time, or to schedule one for a time that's convenient.

Because dating interactions occur, only those 18 years or older can join the dating site and use its platforms and services.

iVirtual.com is owned and operated by visionsync NG Intermedia Aps. NG Intermedia Aps Inc also owns, organizes, and manages several other dating sites, including Dating24.com, Sportsdating.com, Youand.me, Socialdate.net, Partydating.net, among many others.

VisionSync, also created, developed, and launched award-winning apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Have fun. Connect. Go Virtual. Get Real.