What You Need To Know About Online Privacy

By Di Gallo

July 26, 2022


“In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, online privacy is on everyone’s minds. But according to privacy experts, the entire way we think about and understand what ‘privacy’ actually means… is wrong. In this new Think, NBC News Correspondent Andrew Stern dives deep into digital privacy — what it really means, how we got to this point, how it impacts every facet of our lives, and how little of it we actually have.”

(Video and above synopsis from Think, NBC News)

Online privacy is less about what you’re trying to hide and more about whether you have the right and the ability to control what information is collected about you, what is shared, and how all of that is being used.

iVirtual was founded on the idea that people visiting websites should be able to set their own terms and conditions for privacy. It’s their data, and therefore, should have control over what to share, and how that data should be used. That’s why we built YouOwnYou.

YouOwnYou is a new approach and different than what many are used to. It empowers people like you to create your own terms for online privacy and give you control of what data about you is being used and by whom.

So, is there something that you can do about your online privacy? The answer… yes, with YouOwnYou.

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