Objectives vs Results

By Chris Godsall

March 9, 2022


John Doer is a famous venture capitalist worth billions of dollars. As a partner at Kleiner Perkins, he steered early investments into Netscape, Amazon, Intuit, and Google, to name a few. He’s like the Mick Jagger of venture capital: a lot of hits, and he’s been around for a long time.

Apart from picking winners (and being a passionate crusader to end climate change), he’s also known for believing in the idea of Objectives and Key Results. He wrote a book about it called Measure What Matters. Doer also coached Google to build all of its strategies around a simple concept: gold can be found by comparing well-crafted business objectives with accurately measured results.

At iVirtual, we’re openly borrowing the best ideas we can find in our crusade to empower people with tools to improve their online lives.

Matching Objectives and Key Results is an excellent idea! And it can be applied to all your relationships with companies that supply you stuff or collect data about you.

In fact, when it comes to your digital life, we think there’s gold to be found by comparing what you want (Objectives) with what you actually get (Key Results). So let’s try to visualize this idea:

Imagine a circle filled with your aspirations and dreams and a square filled with the results you get from the money you spend on stuff. (We’ve shared an example, but feel free to make your own circle and square if it helps you to visualize the idea).

Let’s say you want to live in a more fair world. I know I want my daughter to have every opportunity to pursue her dreams and I hate the idea that she might face unfairness when she graduates from university or college and starts building her career.

Let’s say you want companies and organizations to be straightforward. If there’s a problem, like profitable advertising is making people feel bad about themselves, then just be honest about it and don’t hide it. (Yes, I’m thinking about my daughter again and Facebook.)

Now let’s pick up a specific example. If you’re like most people, you want your private information to be safe, and you want the climate crisis to be addressed.

Despite these good Objectives, there is a nearly 100% chance that you are actually getting Results from many suppliers that prevent you from fulfilling your objectives. Results such as data breaches and too much emitted CO2.

The hard reality is that most of us blindly fund Results that undermine our Objectives. And we do it for years and years…millions and millions of us giving our money to suppliers that underperform.

You know who never does that? Google and John Doer. They never spend their money or time consistently funding bad results. Instead, they constantly measure the difference between what they wanted and what they actually got.

It’s a simple idea but a powerful one that can be applied to our lives as consumers.


We believe the journey starts with creating your own terms and conditions. When you do, you’re taking your Objectives (your goals, values and aspirations) and aligning them with the Results you expect from your relationships with companies and organizations.

We’re going to share more soon about the connection between our Objectives and Results as groups of people living in the online world of commerce and data collection. But for now, we invite you to sign up to our YouOwnYou Newsletter and Social Media for a chance to try out our YoyOwnYou Closed Beta.

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